Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rupali - Young sexy actress from Telugu films

Cinema industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India is called the Telugu film industry. In terms of number of movies made in a year the Telugu film industry is the largest in Indian cinema. The Telugu film industry produces the largest number of films every year in India, with about 245 films produced in 2006. There are number of TV channels dedicated exclusively to feature programs related to Telugu movies. Many successful Telugu films have been remade by the Hindi and Tamil film industries.

India is famous for beautiful women. The country has produced several winners at the Miss World pageant including the most popular Bollywood actress Aishcharya Rai. Telugu Cinema has a long list of beautiful and sexy actresses.

Young Actress Rupali

Rupali is a young beautiful actress from the Telugu film industry.


  1. she has great look just like her name rupali

  2. That was awesome actress pictures; I love to collect such beautiful photos for my computer wall papers. Here at Filmenia I have seen so stylish collection